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Conferencias Magistrales en FIT Cancer 10


Estas son las “Keynote Lectures” que serán impartidas por expertos internacionales en FIT Cancer 10:

expertos internacionales

  • The Immune Contexture in the Era of Cancer Immunotherapies. Dr. Jerome Galon. Director of Research at INSERM. Head of the Laboratory of Integrative Cancer Immunology. Paris, France.
  • Immunometabolism as a key player in cancer immunotherapy. The example of autophagy. Prof. Guido Kroemer. Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus. Paris, France
  • Targeting regulatory T cells in solid tumours. Dr. Sergio Quezada. Professor of Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy. Immune Regulation & Tumour Immunotherapy Lab. Fellow of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences. CRUK Senior Cancer Research Fellow. UCL Cancer Institute University College London
  • Epigenetics and epitranscriptomics: towards a more precise immunotherapy in cancer. Dr. Manel Esteller Badosa. Institut de Recerca contra la Leucèmia Josep Carreras (IJC). Barcelona.

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